How to Clean a Gaming Mouse pad – Tips & Video Tutorial


While you are downright engrossed in reaching the finishing line or beating the enemies off in your favourite computer games, mouse device is what you run the most and mousepad is what lets you run it smoothly.

It being accessible in a number of textures as cloth, fabric, rubber or plastic, it silently accumulates a great amount of dirt on the surface through the obvious sources as greasy food hands, sweat, and atmospheric dust. Just in case you look after all the other parts of your desktop setup, don’t forget to wash it off too in every two months and see your mouse rollover better.

Cleaning the Mousepad

Before you start washing, determine the texture or skin of the mat and get hold of the safety steps accordingly.

Follow the following tread one by one:

  • Take a tub of normal water or put the mat directly in the sink.


  • Pour on it some dish soap/ hand wash/shampoo.


  • Make a fine lather with a soft loofah or dish sponge, an old soft toothbrush can work equally as well.


  • Be gentle and rub lightly for about 5 to 10 minutes throughout the mat.


  • Wash it off well.


  • Pat it dry with clean cloth or towel, or a dryer. If not, leave it open in fresh and considerably dust-free air.


Tips To Clean Mouspad Like a Pro

  • Use normal or usual daily use water instead of hot or cold water because too hot water can mess with the mat colour and cold water will make the dirt layers depart strenuously.


  • Out of all the surface forms, rubber or plastic finish is most reliable to avail since it absorbs less mud on its top, unlike fabric and cloth appearance.


  • Washing or cleaning the mousepad thoroughly after every four weeks prolongs its durability.


  • Don’t use the mouse much while you’re busy eating the snacks. Or clean it right away with a wet wipe afterwards.


  • Avoid using detergent powder as rubbing against the grains can be damaging. Use mild liquid soap instead.
Frequently Asked Question

Can it be washed in the Washing machine?

Amazingly, it can be. If you just don’t feel like putting any effort, just drop it in your washing machine with some spoons of liquid soap.
Voila, it will come out a new and cleaned mat within just two or three rounds.

How to save embroidery and colours from fading out?

If the colours are too vibrant, use slightly warm water (not very hot water) and dip the mat into it with the liquid soap.
Later, rub tenderly with a wet cloth on the stubborn spots and leave for drying.

Extra tip:
  • If some of the stains on the mat are hardcore and does not vanish in the first attempt, be patient until the next two or three attempts.
  • Some of the spots take time but get off eventually.

What kind of mouse pad is best for gaming?

For gaming, a mouse pad should have maximum space and a low-friction surface. So that you get a free-hand and full exposure to moving the mouse while gaming as well as low-friction causes to enhance the response time. It’s a win-win situation for hard-core gamers. If you are going to buy one following are my favourite mouse Pads that I would recommend to everyone.



Mousepads are of great help genuinely. Actually, meanwhile your eyes are busy to focus on reading an article and mind to grasp it, a mousepad eases the hands on the mouse to move the page down with a flexible pace.

Be it reading or gaming, it is much needed and deserves your little attention. All of the extremely plain and direct tasks in the world include this simple cleaning procedure too.

The cleaning barely may take your 30 mins but it will impact greatly on your mouse’s moves. Let’s consider for a moment that how an easy peasy, even and sleek mouse pad can increase the pleasure level of an exciting gaming session before you leave it again on the mercy of your constant laziness. Yes, think for once.

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