Best Golf Travel Bag Ultimate Buying Guide

Finally, the wait is over!

You must be thrilled about your dream golf trip you’ve been talking about for so long. Aren’t you?

But wait! Are you taking your personal golf club that’s worth $1000 with you on your trip?

You have bought the best golf equipment for your game. Why not buy the best golf travel bag to protect your favourite golf accessories?


Yes, I know choosing the right golf travel bag is a pretty laborious task. Some are expensive, cheap one may not fit your needs, some are soft-sided and some are the hard case. Some bags cost you around $50 and vary up to $300.

Worried because you don’t have a clue about how to choose the right one?

Obviously, without examining any, how can you determine which one is the best, after all the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Don’t worry your problem is resolved now, as we have tested about 70+ golf bags thoroughly and now it’s time to reveal research with you. Just tolerate with me as I am going to assist you in buying the best travel golf bag for your dream golf trip in this article today. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to choose a travel golf club bag wisely.


Which golf travel bag is the best?


The market is full of travel golf bags of various kind. Some bags are the hard shell and some are the soft shell.

Hard ones are heavier but are super protective whereas soft shell is lighter in weight but obviously not as protective as the harder one.

However, it’s your personal choice depending upon your needs and taste.

Here is the list of travel golf bags that we tested and found to be the most suitable one in the market.


Best Golf Travel Bags Comparison


Golf Travel BagWeightDimensionsPrice
Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian11.3 lbs52” x 14” x 14” (internal)View Price on Amazon
Bag Boy T-700 Golf Bag Travel Cover8.5 lbs13.5″ x 51″ x 13.5″View Price on Amazon
Bag Boy T-750 Golf Bag Travel Cover9.8 lbs13.5” (Exterior)View Price on Amazon
Caddy Daddy Constrictor 29 lbs13″ x 50″ x 15”View Price on Amazon
SKB ATA Deluxe23 lbs49″ x 16″ (internal)View Price on Amazon


How to choose a golf travel bag?


A consumer wants a golf bag that is stylish, lightweight, durable and tough. It’s quite tough to find a golf bag that has all these features in it.

Choosing a golf bag completely depends upon one’s travel preference, type of travel and how often the person travel. After determining the nature of the trip, you can then look for extra features like the number of pockets or colour of the bag.

Following are some parameters that we considered to reach our final decision:


Since your ultimate goal is to protect your worthy golf accessories from any kind of damage, so your bag should be super protective. The top area of the bag must be tight enough when packed, otherwise, a small mistake can break your club heads. You can find two types of golf travel bags in the market- hard case and soft case.

Hard case Travel golf bags

Hard case golf travel bags are an ideal choice if you are planning to take your golf accessories on the airplane since Airlines cannot ensure full protection of your golf accessories from any damage. The hard case travel bag can be easily pulled and placed on the airplane without causing any damage to your devices or sticks.
Hard case Travel Golf Bags are a bit expensive but are way more protective. These bags are a mixture of the hard and soft case providing durable protection from inside as well.


The interior is soft, flexible and is made up of high-quality fibre which helps to cushion your clubs. Its interior has ample space to keep your golf equipment easily. However, a hard case golf bag is heavier as compared to soft case golf bag.

Soft Case travel Golf Bags

Most of the Hard case golf bags are bulky and are tough to travel with on smaller cars. Soft case golf travel bag is an ideal choice in such scenarios. They are lightweight and are a good companion when travelling on a shorter journey or when your golf games are at a walking distance.

Soft case golf bags have extra pads inside them which provide protection to your golf accessories. In addition to protection, soft golf bags have enough space and (usually) come with wheels so that you can pull them easily. Soft case golf bags are made up of various materials like leather, faux leather and various kind of clothes.


    • Choose hard case travel bag if you are planning a trip on an Airplane.
    • Choose soft case travel bag if you are travelling on a shorter journey or in a car.
    • Choose a bag with wheels if you don’t like carrying it on your shoulders.


Storage Space

This factor completely depends upon one’s personal preference. Some on you may need bags with more space, but having extra space is not recommended most of the time.

Obviously, more space means more weight.

If you can handle a lot of pockets and can remember which pocket has your keys and which one is empty then it is good to go with 12 extra pockets on your bag otherwise it’s going to create a lot of hassle and an awkward scene when you will cluelessly search through all the pockets for your things.
The bag must have enough space to keep extra attire in addition to regular golf accessories to benefit you in case if weather changes. Size of most of the golf bags ranges from 50-55 inch which can easily protect 45 inches long golf clubs.


Maneuverability is one of the critical features that we considered while choosing the best travel golf bag. Keep one thing in mind that if you want to make your time painless at the airport, your bag’s design must have solid wheelbase and must have handles on it, obviously to pull it easily.

As discussed earlier, space increases the weight and more weight will definitely require extra force to handle it. Even the best designs fail when it comes to creating a balance between your baggage and overall weight of the bag. Cheap golf bags cannot really help you in this case.

Before leaving for the trip just make sure that your bag can be pulled or moved easily and has everything in it that you need in order to make your trip and game comfortable.


The next thing you need to make sure when buying a golf bag is that the bag must be durable. A good quality golf travel bag should last for more than a few dozen trips. Most low-quality bags cost you less but will never fail to disappoint you in the middle of the trip, zippers or wheels of such type of bags get damaged and stop working after a few weeks.

Do you think a cheap bag can last longer than costly ones?

You cannot kill two birds with one stone, Right?

Golf  Travel Bag Reviews

While writing this guide we have kept quality and durability in mind so you don’t need to worry about that.
Now let’s move forward to the features and complete analysis of the bags in our list.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

(Best Golf Travel Bag with wheels for Airlines)

As the name suggests this bag makes it very convenient to glide through airports and parking lots. The feature that makes this bag unique is the integrated pair of wheels when extended, prove to be a lifesaver. The caster wheels pull out from the base in one go and support the entire weight of the bag.

The wheels roll smoothly making it incredibly easy to maneuver and navigate through airlines, parking lots and hotels. Moreover, when you want to stand up this bag it consumes little space causing it very easy to take the bag on elevators.

Key Specifications

  • Easy Leg Mechanism.
  • Two-way heavy-duty full-length zippers.
  • Internal cinch straps.
  • 360 caster wheels.
  • Two pockets with exterior access.
  • Weight: 11.8lbs.




This bag doesn’t require you to bend in order to pull it.

You can smoothly walk by pulling it behind you with little effort required, so say goodbye to sore arms or back pains. You can easily load the bag into bus or car because the extended spring-loaded legs can slip back into the base of the bag very easily.


Initially, I felt that the legs were stiff to move however after trying two to three times I got to know how to handle it, it was fine after some time. An empty Club glider does not consume much space as the cover can fold into the base which makes it ideal to store in your hotel room or car.
I used sun mountain club glider on several trips and it still looks new and fresh and my golf equipment is safe and sound. It is made up of nylon and has a hard-plastic tray covering its bottom.

The bag is padded throughout and has an additional padding at its top to protect club heads. It has a heavy-duty two-way zipper. The bag is durable and has enough space to accommodate your golf accessories. If you are not a fan of taking extra equipment on your trip you can also go for Sun Mountain Club Glider Journey which has 5cm less diameter than Club Glider Meridian.


  • 5 Durable and strong construction
  • Suitable for 12 – 17-inch laptop
  • Enough storage capacity
  • Unique Wheelbase with legs mechanism
  • Best for airlines
  • Expensive for those looking for cheap design


Bag Boy T-700 Golf Bag Travel Cover

(Lightweight Golf Bag)

It is a luxurious and smart looking bag made up of good and flexible material. I have used it in a dozen of trips and it still looks hale and hearty. Bag Boy T-700 is a good quality golf travel bag cover in an affordable price range.

Key Specifications

  • Extra padded top with thick foam.
  • In-line skate wheel.
  • Easy Maneuvering with Neoprene handle.
  • Lockable full wrap around zipper.
  • All Weather and tear resistance design.
  • Weight: 8.5lbs.
  • Large Pockets.
  • Skid-resistant PVC base.
  • ID Tag holder with cover.





The bag cover is made up of nylon and polyester making it all weather and tear resistant providing you with the maximum durability and protection at the same time.


This golf travel bag cover has enough space to fit any golf bag inside it. The bag cover has enough capacity to fit a 48-inch driver and a 10-inch cart bag easily.
The bag cover ensures complete safety to clubs by an extra padding of high-density foam at its top. The bag cover gives additional protection with full wrap around lockable zipper. The bag also has an internal compression strap system.
The bag cover comes with an in skate wheels so you don’t have to carry huge weight at your back. Pulling it on the airport is quite easy with its ergonomic neoprene handles. So, everything is here in one place, what are looking for? Go for it.


  • Lockable zipper to simplify packing.
  • Affordable price with maximum quality.
  • It is a lightweight bag cover.
  • All weather resistant and tear protection design to ensure maximum safety of golf accessories.
  • Highly durable and maneuverable.
  • No fancy features or specialized pockets.
  • Inner stitching is not good and needs improvements.
  • If wrap around zipper gets damaged, it will make bag cover useless.
  • Not suitable for a lot of trips.


Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover

(Lightweight Golf Bag)

Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled travel golf cover is the latest version of Bag Boy T-700 travel cover.

Like T-700 it has ergonomic Neoprene handles to provide manoeuvrability. To provide the extra protection it has reinforced corners.


It has oversized pockets for shoe and has enough space to fit 48-inch driver. Pulling on the airport is easy due to the presence of smooth wheels. Almost all features are same as of the previous version.
The airline handlers are very careless. I was so disappointed due to their carelessness because bags back got ripped out right after my first trip.

I wasn’t expecting it however you can consider it as a negative point. But the bag is awesome and updated copy of bag boy T-700 you may choose any one of these.


Caddy Daddy Constrictor 2

Caddy Daddy is a well-known brand for providing quality golf bags to golf lovers for many years. Constrictor 2 is an addition to caddy daddy high-quality soft case golf bag covers list. It is a soft-case highly durable bag cover to give ultimate protection to your golf accessories for years to come.

Key Specifications

  • 1800 denier nylon construction.
  • Heavy-duty lockable zippers.
  • 2 oversized pockets.
  • Inline skate wheels.
  • Weight 9lbs approximately.
  • Heavy padded top.



It is a lightweight bag with 8.5 lbs overall weight.

It has ample storage space and two pockets on its outside as well. The pockets are large enough to provide ample space for your gears. The cart bags with size up to 10-inch can be accommodated in it easily.

It is 50-inch-tall and 13-inch by 15 inches wide. So, a lightweight bag with perfect storage capacity.


The bag cover is made up of 1800 denier nylon and has a thick padded top to provide security to your club. It also has external and internal compression straps, and two side handles along with two easy rolling wheels to conveniently pull the bag on the airport or parking lot.

It also has lockable zippers around it, locks are not included with the package by the way. So, you will need to spend an extra buck for them if you want to include it too.


  • Large bag with enough space to accommodate additional accessories.
  • Easy rolling wheels with 2 side handles.
  • Lightweight soft case bag.
  • Affordable price.
  • Its zippers are smooth and easy to move.
  • Internal straps do not hold clubs in place properly.
  • As a large bag, consumes more space in hotel rooms.
  • No Shoulder strap present.
  • It is not a very stylish looking bag.
  • This design can accommodate one bag only.

SKB ATA Deluxe

SKB ATA Deluxe is a bomb protective hard case golf travel bag manufactured in North America.

If you are looking for something sturdy then this is the perfect bag for you.


Key Specifications

  • Interior Dimensions: 48 x 12 x11 inches
  • Exterior Dimensions: 52 x 14 x 14 inches.
  • Weight: 18 Pounds.
  • Waterproof and dust free design.
  • Featured with TSA Locking System.
  • Cost Coverage of USD 1500 from the company on any damage.
  • 2 in-line skate wheel and lift handle at the middle.





With its hard-outer shell made of military grade polyethene, you get super protection for your golf accessories no matter what going on outside the bag. So, in short, the company is offering you the bag made of the same quality which is used by US military containers.



The company gives you an amazingly insane warranty offer.  They will give you USD 1500 in order to compensate any damage to your equipment’s in the bag at the airport. And you can’t avail the offer because you really can’t beat them in quality and safety the bag offers to your golf stuff.

The bag is also padded around the top and from the interior side. It does not have an interior strap but it tightly fits golf clubs in it leaving no space for the movement. It is lightweight bag featured with TSA lock system enabling easy inspection at airports as well. The bag is waterproof and dust free.

It has interior dimensions of 48 x 12 x11 inches and can accommodate 48 inches, long drivers, easily.


  • Highly durable bag with the super hard protective design.
  • In-line skate wheel makes to push and pull at airlines.
  • The waterproof bag which will not let your golf stuff to get wet in the thunderstorm.
  • Satisfactory warranty from the company.
  • Expensive bag.
  • Weight is huge but still, it can pass the maximum limit test at the airport.
  • You cannot roll it in an upright position.
  • The bag is heavy so it can cause pain in your shoulder.
  • If latches are not properly closed, they can come open usually it happens when the bag is bulky with a lot of stuff.
  • This narrow case will not be able to fit cart bag like Callaway Fusion 14 bag inside it.


  • Tips

    • Clean off your bag with a damp towel when necessary, this will remove any dirt or debris from your bag.
    • Don’t put anything that is wet into the pockets, dry them first before placing them in the bag.


I hope by now you must have chosen the right golf bag for you. Now for more understanding let me answer few of most frequently asked questions about golf bags.

What you need to know before leaving for a golf travel?

Obviously buying a golf bag is the first thing you need to know, but if you want to travel like a pro you will need to learn how to pack your bag intelligently. Make sure to pack all-important thing in the bag.

Don’t pack unnecessary things as it will overload the bag. Make sure to keep extra clothes and umbrella in your suitcase to tackle weather uncertainties.

Can I rent a Golf travel bag for some time?

Obviously yes, there are a lot of rental businesses that offer golf travel bags on rent for one week or so. To my knowledge, one of them was offering it at 40 USD per week. What I recommend is you should buy your own golf travel bag as if you are a frequent tourist and travels a lot then this rental service would cost you even more than the cost of a good golf bag.

Does soft case travel bag work?

Soft case golf travel bag does work, they are best to keep your bag protected when you are travelling in your car or you want to go for a shorter trip. Soft case travel bags are lighter in weight, consumes lesser space and offer good protection to your golf stuff.

If you are planning a trip on an airplane then I would not recommend you to use a soft case travel bag as it will not work there. You need a hard case solid bag to protect your accessories at the airport. So hard case golf travel bags are suggested for long trips through airplanes.

How to select a golf travel bag for the airport?

On American airport, you can take a maximum of 50 pounds of luggage with you. So, your golf bag and the things inside it must collectively be having less than 50 pounds of weight. Moreover, the bag should be a hard case to prevent any damage as airlines staff treat your luggage very haphazardly. It is a dime a dozen that a soft case travel bag can save your golf stuff at the airport from any damage.

What are different types of golf bags?

Golf Bags are of different types, such as Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, carry bags, and obviously golf travel bags and cover.

What is the difference between Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand and Carry Bags? Which type of golf bag should I buy?

Again, the answer is the same. Choose golf bag by thinking about what you actually want. How you play and how often you play are some decisive factors while choosing between different type of golf bags.

Staff Bag

Staff Bag is mostly used by pros. Buy these bags only when you have a caddy and weight is not an issue for you. These bags are heavy and are larger (about 8 to 12 inches in diameter) in size and of course, have plentiful storage space. Staff bags are usually made of leather and have the logo displayed on its sides. These bags are used by professionals when on tour.

Cart Bag

Cart Bags are around 6-7 pound in weight and are smaller and lighter than staff bag. Unlike staff bags, you can carry these bags easily but they are supposed to be used with a pushcart, means walking while carrying this bag during golfing is not a good option. These bags are designed to provide easy access to all pockets while on the cart and avoid sliding off the cart due to its non-slip base.

Stand Bag

As the name suggests this type of golf bag has legs that help it to stand upright or canted. Unlike cart and staff bags this bag can easily stand on turf and you don’t need to have a cart when walking on the course. Stands bags are lighter and weigh about 5 pounds.

Carry Bag

These are the lightest golf bag and weigh around 2 pounds. If you don’t want your bag to stand and just want to move on the course carrying the bag, this type of golf bag is preferred.

I hope everything has been answered in this guide, still, if you need any of your questions to be answered please do let me know in the comment section. Enjoy your trip ?

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